Happy International Women's Day! Today, we join the global celebration of the achievements of women worldwide. Two-thirds of our staff are women and over 40% of those we support are women and girls. Here are some of their thoughts:

What does 'inclusion' mean to you?

"Women should do everything as a human being; it can't always be gender inequality. Women are first human beings."

Who are the women that have inspired you in your life?

"My mum was an inspiration to me. She worked really hard at home, cleaning, cooking, looking after kids. Looking back, I really admire those skills and that energy, and in a way, that sacrifice in keeping a family. A teacher that taught me how to paint and taught me my dream. I didn’t think I could do it, but I always think of her."

"Benazir Bhutto, the first female Pakistani prime minister, but she was assassinated just over a decade ago."

"My mother. She has done so much with little effort and has always tried to make us happy with support, always being beside us."


"Fatima Ahmed Ibrahim, she was the first Sudanese woman to be elected to Parliament in Sudan."

"I’m inspired by myself. I’m a single mother and inspired by my strength throughout my life journey."

How can society better include and inspire women?

"Education is very important. Finding about these women, what they did, how they lived, the lives they told, and the impact they felt. Making their stories big."

How is St Augustine’s doing for including and inspiring women across the Centre?

"I think we do loads. St Augustine’s don’t look at women’s ages. Mixed music group, mixed creative group, mixed English lessons, even our mixed DIY repair team. Women are taking part."

What advice would you share with a young girl who walked into the room?

"Follow your dreams. Be honest with yourself. Be grateful to everybody, men and women."

"Continue to trust yourself, to be confident, you can achieve your dreams and they will come true."

"You are the one responsible for yourself, and you are the one who designs your path in life. Guide your own way."

On International Women's Day, we celebrate the diverse voices, experiences and resilience that women bring to St Augustine’s. Every day of the year is an opportunity to champion gender equality and inclusivity.