St Augustine's Centre Members have been focusing on their breathing, mindfulness and bodily awareness whilst being guided through weekly Yoga Sessions with Adele from Adele's Yoga, taking place at Calderdale College. Adele's emphasis on the mantra "you're welcome just as you are" has resonated deeply, creating an atmosphere of acceptance and support.

These inclusive sessions have been open to all Centre Members including children thanks to support from Calderdale Valley of SanctuaryTogether We Grow, and Calderdale College. Participants say:

"I felt more calm and still."


"My body feels strong."

"This is relaxing and uplifting."

Adele has also offered a free subscription to her online YouTube yoga classes so our Centre Members can continue their practice at home. What started as 6 trial sessions has become 12, and probably more!


Photos by Matt Radcliffe