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'This podcast has been very educational ….. and they explain some new terms (new vocabulary) at the end of each episode. I think it’s excellent and I hope more people take advantage of this lovely tool.'   Anonymous reviewer

Our volunteers produce a regular podcast where you can listen to native English speakers talking about a range of subjects, including some linked to the Life in the UK citizenship test.  We have listeners from 135 countries! You can listen to 60+ episodes and read the transcripts for free.

Our podcasts help you improve your English comprehension and vocabulary, and learn about:

  • Life in the UK
  • British culture – art, music, gardening, architecture
  • Key events in British history and current events
  • British traditions and celebrations

Listen to our Podcasts

English for Life in the UK - The school system in the UK

Season 3, Episode 11

How schools are organised in England. 3 people discuss their own experiences of teaching and of the school system.

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English for Life in the UK - Co-operatives in the UK

Season 3, Episode 10

What is a co-operative? The history of co-ops in the U.K. Interviews with 2 co-operatives - Suma Wholefoods and Valley Organics. Including how they operate and the principles on which they are based.

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English for Life in the UK - Interview with an Artist: Kate Lycett

Season 3, Episode 9

We interview Kate about her work as a visual artist, how she goes about creating a painting, her influences and why art is important.

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