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'This podcast has been very educational ….. and they explain some new terms (new vocabulary) at the end of each episode. I think it’s excellent and I hope more people take advantage of this lovely tool.'   Anonymous reviewer

Our volunteers produce a regular podcast where you can listen to native English speakers talking about a range of subjects, including some linked to the Life in the UK citizenship test.  We have listeners from 135 countries! You can listen to 60+ episodes and read the transcripts for free.

Our podcasts help you improve your English comprehension and vocabulary, and learn about:

  • Life in the UK
  • British culture – art, music, gardening, architecture
  • Key events in British history and current events
  • British traditions and celebrations

Listen to our Podcasts

English for Life in the UK - How to Learn a Language

Season 2, Episode 30

We discuss our personal experiences of what works in learning a language, some of the research on language acquisition, how many people listen to the podcast and where they live and interviews with 2 of our students.

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English for Life in the UK - Theatre in the UK - Northern Broadsides

Season 2, Episode 29

We interview the Artistic Director of a national touring theatre company about what they do and how they work. We also talk about theatre in the West End and elsewhere.

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English for Life in the UK - Regional Accents and Dialects in the UK

Season 2, Episode 28

We discuss and illustrate a number of the regional variations in how English is spoken in different parts of the U.K. including Yorkshire, Lancashire, Liverpool, Birmingham, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. We hear the story of Wilfred Pickles who was used in World War 2 to confuse the Nazis.

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