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English for Life in the UK - Co-operatives in the UK

27 JUN 2022

What is a co-operative? The history of co-ops in the U.K. Interviews with 2 co-operatives - Suma Wholefoods and Valley Organics. Including how they o…


Volunteer Spotlight: Lucy Lee

10 JUN 2022

As part of Volunteers Week 2022, we met up with some of our volunteers to hear about their experiences at St. Augustine's Centre.  Lucy L…


English for Life in the UK - Interview with an Artist: Kate Lycett

29 MAY 2022

We interview Kate about her work as a visual artist, how she goes about creating a painting, her influences and why art is important.


English for Life in the UK - Farming and Cheese-Making in a Yorkshire Town

13 MAY 2022

We interview a dairy farmer and cheese maker about the history and process of milk and cheese making. We discuss the idea of organic farming and the …


Update: Homes for Ukraine, Nationality & Borders Bill and Rwanda

04 MAY 2022 | Sara Robinson, Director

It’s been a confusing few months. Whilst we’ve seen a heartwarmingly large number of people ready to open their homes to people fleei…


English for Life in the UK - Access to Healthcare in England

13 APR 2022

A discussion with a doctor (general practitioner) and a community pharmacist about how individuals can access primary healthcare services in England