21 of our Centre Members recently attended a weekend residential near Grassington, a lovely village in the Yorkshire Dales, which became a sanctuary of experiences, friendship, and personal growth.

Besara, Mahin, and Anisa were among the attendees, and have shared their reflections on this weekend.

Besara's Tale of Transformation

Grassington is a lovely place. Life and everything else around me seemed more beautiful. - Besara begins. 

In these beautiful days, I enjoyed the sun, the trees, the greenery, the waterfall, the rain, the outdoor games, the walks, the fire, the music, and the most beautiful descent with the rope, which was amazing. 

Isn't it wonderful to start a new chapter? 

It is wonderful and the fact that for every moment that Grassington offered me was the opportunity to take colorful photos - videos in nature, as nature befriended me and did this for me as a personal lesson. 

I tried to be in a reactive defensive position, where I have to try everything and where every moment I thought that "I AM IMPORTANT AS A PERSON INDEPENDENT OF ANYONE." The encouragement and kindness that Jake, Mamadou, Sam ,Simon, Jamie , Owen  and Charlie gave were the basic norms of life that St Augustine's Center made possible. Thank you endlessly for each of these and all those who contributed in cooking, service and everything. Thank you Adrian for such a beautiful experience.  

Mahin's Journey of Facing Fears

Thank you for that trip, it was unique and full of new experiences for me. 

Life means aligning with nature. I am glad I gained new experiences from these days. I faced one of my biggest traumas of my life, the fear of heights as I went abseiling. I felt good and ready to face the next battles in life.  

Anisa's Bond of Friendship

I am very happy to get to know new people and I made new friends. I’ve learnt new games and experiences. Thanks for all of all for everything you did. All were great and helpful and beautiful. 



The success of this weekend residential is not just attributed to the stunning backdrop of Grassington or the myriad activities on offer. It is a testament to the great support of ACross Country and the nurturing environment fostered by St Augustine's staff members. Together, they have created a space where individuals like Besara, Mahin, and Anisa can rewrite their narratives and embark on new journeys of self-discovery.

The Yorkshire Dales will forever hold a special place in the hearts of those who found solace, sanctuary, and hope amidst its rolling hills and winding paths.