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Meet some of our centre members.

We are proud to work alongside our diverse community of centre members who come from 86 countries. Many volunteer with us and some are Trustees and staff.

They are surgeons, parents, woodworkers, poets, activists, sculptors, scholars, plumbers, journalists; each with their own story and contribution to make to Calderdale and beyond. 

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Want to know more about the lives and experiences of people seeking sanctuary?

  • This page from Amnesty International provides a useful overview of the words ‘asylum’, ‘refugee’ and ‘migrant’, and explains why people may have to leave their homes.
  • Why not drip into a book and find out more about the experiences of people seeking sanctuary. This is a great list of books for all ages put together for Refugee Week 2020.
  • You can find some great recommended short and full length films by Imix here, by Amnesty International here and and by Into Film here.