Since August '23, our weekly table tennis sessions, held in collaboration with Halifax Table Tennis Club and hosted at their venue, have welcomed 67 Centre Members - all seeking sanctuary in Calderdale.. 

One of our regular participants, Yashar, captures the essence of the experience.

"Before going to the table tennis group, you say to yourself that you don't feel like going, but when you take the first step, you will make a good night for yourself." 

For him and many others, this group is not just a routine but a source of positive well-being.

"I joined the group because it's my favourite thing to do, and it has a huge positive impact on my body, reflex speed, and general health. I feel very energetic and refreshed after the sessions, and I'm always glad I decided to go.""

The sessions go beyond playing; they include group and one-to-one exercises, enhancing skills, techniques and matchplay. And inevitably, friendships are created here too.

Jackie and David, Halifax Table Tennis Club volunteers and coaches for the sessions, have played a pivotal role in shaping this inclusive environment, and we want to extend our gratitude to the club's staff and members, who have welcomed us with compassion.

Lead of this group and long-time national competitive table tennis player, Jake Clarke says

"I can confidently say that this partnership has provided a haven for people seeking sanctuary whilst enriching the local Halifax table tennis community. Yahar and I are both excited for the future, anticipating countless more table tennis sessions ahead."