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‘Halifax looks so beautiful from up here. At the top, I can breathe.’ – A member of our Walk and Talk group. 

We provide activities to help you get fit and stay healthy. Why not start with our gardening or walking group?

We can help you

  • join in with our free groups: basketball, football, yoga, cricket, boxing, walking, gardening
  • find out how to join a local gym
  • find out where the swimming pools are
  • find a bike (if available) and go cycling

Come and tell us what you love to do, and we will help you find local sports and wellbeing activities. Contact Arsalan.


Get Involved:


St. Augustine's Centre Garden

tuesday | 9AM - 12PM


Halifax Star Boxing Club

monday | 7PM - 8PM

Mixed Football

Calderdale College

wednesday | 5PM - 7PM

Bike Repair Shop

St Augustine's Centre - Garden

thursday | 11AM - 3PM

Mixed Football

Meet at St Augustine's or go to Halifax Academy

friday | 1:30PM - 3PM

Walk and Talk

Meet at St Augustine's Centre

saturday | 10:15AM - 3PM

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Who else can help?

There are lots of leisure centres, gyms, and sports groups in Halifax and Calderdale. You can find groups for all ages which do rugby, football, boxing, running, fitness, wrestling, cycling and more.

Have a look here: