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St Augustine's Cycle Club

"Some people may not have cycled since childhood and need a helping hand...or they may not be confident to ride much in an unfamiliar area. We can help with all of that." Paul - Premises Manager

Our Community Cycle Club offers various activities all year round:

  • Borrow a Bike: Free bike loans for adults, men and women. All sizes and bike types are available. Contact Paul at 07743 080069 to request a bike. 
  • Bike Repair Shop: Meet the team of volunteers - David, Ibrahim, and Erick - every Thursday from 11am - 3pm to learn how to repair and maintain bicycles. You can also drop off your bike for free repairs. Located in the St Augustine's Courtyard.
  • Group Bike Ride: Join the St Augustine's cycling group on an adventure exploring Calderdale. It's an all gender friendly team and lunch is provided. All Centre Members and experiences are welcome. Contact Paul to sign up: 07743 080069
  • Maintenance Workshops: Funded trips for Centre Members to attend bike maintenance workshops and gain expert knowledge 
  • Child - Parent - Volunteer Program: This year we are introducing a scheme where a child alongside their parent can pick a bike to work on to make it their own. The parent would then repair and restore the bike alongside our volunteers.

For more information and to join the cycle group WhatsApp, contact Paul at 07743 080069 with your name and interest. 

St Augustine's Cycle Club

Get Involved:

Bike Repair Shop

St Augustine's Centre - Garden

thursday | 11AM - 3PM

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All our activities and the Cycling Club projects are made possible thanks to our funders: