Unleashing Creativity: A Week of Writing at Arvon's Lumb Bank

In October, nine of our centre members, alongside artists from Ukraine enjoyed a week of creative expression at Arvon's Lumb Bank, Hebden Bridge;  this historic 18th-century mill owner’s house, once belonged to Ted Hughes.

Anjum Malik and Iryna Shuvalova, accomplished writers and poets, along with the midweek guest Yomi Sode, led our centre members through a week of creative writing. They fostered an inclusive environment, celebrating the diversity of languages spoken and showcasing their shared backgrounds of seeking sanctuary in the UK. 







Voices from the Residential


It was a new experience. I got to meet new people with different perspectives on things.
We were taught how to translate our senses into writing and it was thought-provoking and emotion-provoking, so many emotions mixed together

The highlight of the entire residential was when I realised I could write poems. I followed the direction of the mentors and I soon realised I could write what people could feel. I also realised don't judge a book by its cover. Anyone can write poetry, it comes from the heart and soul.

The place itself has an ancient archaic feel to it. Lots of interests, thoughts and dreams have lived and died.


The best place and the best time were chosen with very good professors...there that everything was so beautiful...I feel that the pen had a soul there and writing was not difficult.

The class was very informative. In my opinion, the most important point of education in that period was the focus on writing and the lack of distraction, at the same time, the courage to use words that come from a deep inner feeling.


It was a wonderful experience. We had space to write, time to write, time to express ourselves. Away from noise and with the nature.

If I had the opportunity I would definitely go again.


It was an amazing experience in the world of creative writing, as it exposed one to skills and techniques in creative thinking and appropriate ways for readers to get along with the subject matter of the story or events report.


I gained so much knowledge and experience the skills of writing, and now I have more interest in writing.

I would definitely love to go back again there.






Poems from Lumb Bank

Abdulrabi's poem: A Boy From The Hole

In a world obscured, in depths unseen,
Lived a boy who sought to dream.
From the depths of a hole, where shadows grew,
He yearned for a glimpse of something new.

Amidst the darkness, a glimmer of light,
A special mushroom, an utter delight.
With magic untold, it beckoned him near,
To embrace a truth that was crystal clear.

He placed a picture upon his phone's wall,
And like a portal, the tower stood tall.
Unbelievable, the sight that beheld,
A world of wonders, where stories were spelled.

A magic island, with sand that shone bright,
Sea's gentle glow, a pure delight.
Rock formations, carved by nature's art,
Eagles soaring high, crocodiles apart.

In a colorful valley, dreams took flight,
A universe revealed before his sight.
Infinity stretched, beyond the mind's span,
A symphony of hues, life's vibrant plan.

What once seemed distant, now close to his heart,
A world unseen, yet no longer apart.
The boy felt the connection, vivid and blue,
An ending so good, a journey anew.

In the embrace of that magical hour,
The boy found solace, love's mighty power.
For within the unseen, the unfelt was found,
A tapestry of existence, utterly profound.

So let us not forget, in each step we take,
The magic that lies in the moments we make.
The boy from the hole, whose story inspires,
To chase the unseen and fan love's fires.

To be continued...

Hina's poem: 'Refuge'

Is that Me?

Yes, that's Me.

My hair as black as night can be...

My eyes as deep as sea.

My arms always widely spread like branches of tree,

My hands to hold your tears.

My heart as pure as a child 's smile.

I'm a Soul Whisperer a Soul keeper.

I never give up , my friends my strength, my refuge your heart,

I will live a life full of dignity.

Let me take refuge in this society...

My smile reflects the unspoken, unseen unfelt truths...

I hope for never ending happiness and safety.

It's all clear as can be...

This year, this positivity,

It's absolutely Me,

"Yes that's Me."

New year new beginning.

New picture on the canvas of my life painting...

Wow is that Me!

A refuge, a new chapter of life beginning,

"Yes that's Me"


This collaborative venture was made possible through a partnership with Arvon, Calder Community Cares, Northern Broadsides Theatre Company, and Artists In Exile, marking our second consecutive year participating in this enriching residential. Here's to making it a third in 2024.










Photos by Arvon