1. What is the government's plan for immigration?
  2. How can you help protest this plan?

What is the government's plan for immigration?

In March 2021 the government published its ‘New Plan for Immigration’ alongside a consultation on new immigration rules. The consultation ends on May 6th at 11.45am. It has been a rapid process and the questions within the consultation itself are confusing.

St Augustine’s stand against these plans. We believe they are a hodgepodge of cruel measures that are irrelevant to government’s own failing system and will inhibit people who are fleeing war and persecution, to rebuild a life in the UK.

The plan itself is long and difficult to read.

  • Read this BBC article with comments from refugee organisations.
  • Look at these 6 slides (press the arrows to scroll through) below for an excellent short visual summary from Mafwa Theatre.

What can you do to protest these plans?

1 Sign these petitions

  1. Choose Love
  2. Solidaritee
  3. Safe Passage

2 Sign St Augustine's Centre's organisational response to the consultation

In our response we focus on promoting positive stories, the welcoming work of our community and our vision for a just and humane asylum system.