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Events and Trips

‘I was new to this country and was alone with no friends or family. We had a weekend away, cooking, singing and sleeping in the woods. I went down the mountain on ropes. I never had a trip like that before. We were multi-national but I felt so comfortable. It was beautiful days.’    Ameer

We can help you

  • take a tour of Halifax
  • come with us on a trip to the seaside or countryside
  • see live music or theatre
  • join our special events at St Augustines Centre 
  • get involved in Refugee Week every June

Where else can I go in Halifax?

There is a lot to see in Halifax. Here are a few great places you can visit locally, for free:

In Halifax


Where else can I go in Calderdale?

Outside of Halifax you'll find more wonderful places to explore by bus, cycling or train.



Wellholme Park has stunning floral displays and Smith Art Gallery are both nearby.


Hebden Bridge and Todmorden

  • Hebden Bridge is a lovely small town to look around or perhaps have a walk along the canals or up the hills. From Halifax the train takes 12 minutes and costs around £4. The bus takes 20 minutes and costs £3.

  • Our good friends Together We Grow often organise trips in and around Todmorden.

Events across Calderdale: