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‘My Befriender helped me come out of my depression and loneliness. I could discuss with her when I can felt bad, and we went to coffee shops, she took me to hospital when I had an operation and helped my children start playing sports. It’s confidential and supportive.’  Muyniat

Our 'Helping Hand' programme builds friendships between our centre members and local volunteers. It helps people who are new to the area or feeling lonely to settle in.

We can help you:

  • find support and friendship
  • get to know the area
  • join in upcoming events
  • improve your wellbeing and confidence

Interested in getting involved?

As well as supporting newly arrived people, the Helping Hand programme is beneficial for individuals and families, especially single parents, who are isolated. It's about having a regular chat, doing things together, going for a walk, visiting places and so much more. 

Training and support is provided.

Get in touch with Rabia for more information.