Many of the families we work with face significant hardship and live in extreme poverty.

It is that time of year again when children are getting excited about starting a new school or new class, and being with all their friends again.

These families cannot afford to pay for the specific uniform required by the new school, and also cannot afford to keep up with their children’s growth spurts. It is a very stressful time for these families and their children miss out on the new school excitement that the rest of their classmates get to experience.

We are doing our best to support them, but we need your help.

£10 will cover the cost of a skirt and top

£12 will buy a pair of school trousers

£15 will buy a school blazer

£20 will pay for a school jumper with a logo

Click here to go to our fundraising page to make a contribution.

Any amount big or small will help us reach our target!