Nostalgia Corner! Share your memories and photographs of St. Augustine’s Centre…

With 50 years of service to the community under our belt, we know there are hundreds of you who have been involved in the wonderful history of the Centre. Therefore we warmly invite you to share your memories with us. What year did you visit? Who do you remember fondly? What were you involved in? Why not include some photographs if you have some?! We look forward to sharing these fond memories with you and hope you will enjoy reading the accounts of others too.

Your Memories

Denise Tyas – “In the beginning”

My first contact with the centre was with Denise Keenan around 2001. I had just started as an advisory teacher for the council and the first asylum seekers, a mother and daughter,  had just been dispersed here. This was new to me and Denise but the numbers grew quickly as the dispersal scheme was implemented. Over the years I encountered many wonderful people from all over the world and worked with brilliant staff – Denise, Kate Fawcett, Jane Lomas and many others. Good to see the centre is still thriving.