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English for Life in the UK – Film and Cinema in the UK

7th April, 2021|Podcasts|

Season 2, Episode 18 History of film. Festivals and award ceremonies, the Oscars. How films get selected and the impact of streaming. Film genres. Film vocabulary. Download Transcript The British Film Industry makes a very important contribution [...]

English for Life in the UK – The seasons and the weather in the UK

12th March, 2021|Podcasts|

Season 2, Episode 16 The 4 seasons in the U.K. what happens and what the weather is like in each season. Weather vocabulary and phrases. Download Transcript Transcript Mark Hello, and welcome to the podcast [...]

English for Life in the UK – Industrial Revolution

26th February, 2021|News, Podcasts|

Season 2, Episode 14 How Britain became the first country in the world to have an industrial revolution. Inventions, transport, resistance to the changes, urbanisation and trade. Download Transcript Hand Loom Weaver. © Copyright David Dixon and [...]

English for Life in the UK – What and Where is Calderdale?

14th February, 2021|Podcasts|

Season 2, Episode 13 The St Augustine’s Centre is based in the town of Halifax and the borough of Calderdale. We explain the geography, history, famous places and people of the area. Plus superlative adjectives. Download Transcript [...]

English for Life in the UK – Christmas in the UK

23rd December, 2020|News, Podcasts|

Season 2, Episode 8 A discussion of aspects of the history and traditions of Christmas in the U.K. and the importance of Christmas to Christians. Download Transcript Christmas Nativity. Photo by Jessica Lewis from Pexels Christmas Tree [...]

English for Life in the UK – The Development of the English Language

16th December, 2020|Podcasts|

Season 2, Episode 7 History of English as a language. English in use today in the U.K. and around the world. The differences between British English and American English Download Transcript Transcript Mark Hello and [...]

English for Life in the UK – Anglo-Saxons, Vikings and Normans arrive in Britain

10th December, 2020|News, Podcasts|

Season 2, Episode 6 Anglo-Saxons arrive in Britain. The two St Augustines. The Vikings. The Battle of Hastings and the Norman conquest. How the Normans changed Britain. Download Transcript Sutton Hoo Helmet. Image by Jim Brewin from Pixabay. [...]

English for Life in the UK – Early Britain and Roman Britain

4th December, 2020|Podcasts|

Season 2, Episode 5 The early history of Britain including Stonehenge and the Bronze and Iron ages. Roman Britain including Hadrian’s Wall and Boudicca. Download Transcript Stonehenge. Photo by Brooke Bell on Unsplash Cheddar Man skeleton. Photo [...]

English for Life in the UK – Values and Principles of British Society

6th November, 2020|News, Podcasts|

Season 2, Episode 1 The Government handbook identifies 5 principles - democracy, rule of law, individual liberty, tolerance, participation. We discuss each of these and suggest some others. Download Transcript Transcript Episode 1: Values and [...]

English For Life in the UK – Fashion and Design in the UK

30th September, 2020|Podcasts|

What we mean by fashion and design. Some famous British designers, including fashion designers. Nouns and adjectives for materials. Download Transcript Mary Quant. Source: wikimedia Alexander McQueen design. Source: wikimedia Vivienne Westwood. Source: Wikimedia Stella [...]

English for Life in the UK – Gardens and Gardening

2nd September, 2020|Podcasts|

Famous British landscape gardeners and gardens. Gardening as a pastime in the U.K. including allotments. How to start and continue a conversation. Download Transcript Transcript Transcript Episode 30: Gardens and Gardening in the UK (Mark) Welcome [...]

English for Life in the UK – Architecture and Buildings in the UK

23rd August, 2020|Podcasts|

Some of the famous architects and the buildings they designed. Our own favourite buildings. Adjectives in English and in particular the word order we use. Download Transcript St Paul’s Cathedral.  Photo by DAVID ILIFF. License: CC BY-SA 3.0 [...]

English for Life in the UK – The History of Democracy in the UK

15th December, 2019|Podcasts|

Recorded on the day of the general Election, we cover part of the development of democracy and particularly the right to vote. Download Transcript Transcript Episode 4: History of Democracy Hello, welcome to episode 4 of [...]

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