November 2019

English for Life in the UK – Episode 1

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An introduction to this podcast and a summary of our first session on the history of migration into the U.K. Download Transcript Transcript English for Life in the UK. Episode One: The History of Migration. Hello my name’s Mark. I am a volunteer at the St Augustine's Centre in Halifax. Welcome to the podcast ‘English for life in the UK’. I will be joined on this podcast by Christine and John. Together we teach a course called ‘English for Life in the UK’. The St Augustine's Centre is a charity which supports those people in greatest need in our local area. For us this is mainly asylum seekers, refugees and migrants. The St Augustine’s Centre provides a range of English courses. This particular course aims to help people with their English and at the same time to teach you more about life in this country. We believe that one of the best ways of learning a language is to do a lot of listening, listening to native English speakers talking about a range of different subjects. That is what we will be doing in this podcast and we hope that in the same way that a child learns their first language, by doing a lot of listening [...]

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October 2019

Poems by the Language Cafe, inspired by Benjamin Zephaniah and Lemn Sissay

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Every Wednesday afternoon we have Language Cafe in the Community Centre. These sessions are a great opportunity for people to come together to practice their conversational English and meet new people. It is a valuable addition to the range of English classes our dedicated volunteers provide each week. As you may have seen, we were asked to take part in this year's Halifax Festival of Words. We had a number of performances: a rap, music from the St. Augustine's Centre band, and poems read by the Language Cafe. These poems were written during the Wednesday Language cafe sessions, they were inspired by existing poems, adapted by those who attend Language Cafe to represent themselves. The performance was fantastic and incredibly emotive, so we thought we'd share those poems for anyone who missed the show...  

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September 2019

Do something #wonderful!

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Many of the families we work with face significant hardship and live in extreme poverty. It is that time of year again when children are getting excited about starting a new school or new class, and being with all their friends again. These families cannot afford to pay for the specific uniform required by the new school, and also cannot afford to keep up with their children's growth spurts. It is a very stressful time for these families and their children miss out on the new school excitement that the rest of their classmates get to experience. We are doing our best to support them, but we need your help. £10 will cover the cost of a skirt and top £12 will buy a pair of school trousers £15 will buy a school blazer £20 will pay for a school jumper with a logo Click here to go to our fundraising page to make a contribution. Any amount big or small will help us reach our target!  

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August 2019

Bank holiday closure

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We are closed Monday 26th August for the bank holiday. We will be open again on Tuesday for the drop-in and Community Lunch.

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Help shape the future of St. Augustine’s Centre!

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St. Augustine's Cente is run by a group of Trustees, who meet once a month to review progress at the Centre, and make decisions about it's future. Our Trustee group is looking for two Centre Users, who can speak, read and write in English confidently, to join their Trustee team. You will need to willing to spend a few hours every month reading meeting papers, and attending a monthly Trustee meeting at the Centre. If you are interested in finding out more about what is involved, please give your name to a member of staff (or email Nia), and come along to the information session at the Centre, on Tuesday 27th August, 2-3pm.

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Centre Closures

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The Centre is closed today and will also be closed Monday 26th August. We will be open as usual on the following Tuesday's for drop-in and lunch.

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