April 2021

Job Vacancy: Immigration Adviser

St Augustine's Centre is looking for an OISC Level 1 qualified Immigration Adviser to start as soon as possible, 22.5 hours per week We're looking for someone to deliver advice specifically on Refugee Family Reunion, helping people to reunite with loved ones they have been forced to leave behind. This is part of an excitin gnew Yorkshire wide partnership project working closely with the Helena Kennedy Centre Refugee Rights Hub (HKC) which is based in Sheffield. This three day a week role is based with us at St Augustine’s Centre. Key information about the job  £11.50 per hour (equivalent to £22,126 per year full time) 22.5 hours a week to start as soon as possible. Days/hours to be negotiated. You’d need to [...]

English for Life in the UK – Film and Cinema in the UK

Season 2, Episode 18 History of film. Festivals and award ceremonies, the Oscars. How films get selected and the impact of streaming. Film genres. Film vocabulary. Download Transcript The British Film Industry makes a very important contribution to the U.K. economy, The Harry Potter films have brought huge amounts of money into the country Zoolander is a good example of the Comedy genre Toy Story is a good example of a children's film The Academy Awards Ceremony is often called ‘The Oscars’ because Margaret Hernrick said the statue looked like her Uncle Oscar and the name stuck Films like ‘Avatar’ require the audience to wear 3 D glasses to experience the special effects Silent films featured [...]

English for Life in the UK – Wildlife in the UK

Season 2, Episode 17 An introduction to this podcast and a summary of our first session on the history of migration into the U.K. Download Transcript Red Kites are very popular they have brownish-red feathers and a forked tail A carpet of bluebells - it is as if the whole of the woods have been covered in a blue carpet Puffins are funny looking birds that are black and white with orange webbed feet and a big stripy beak Scotts Pine are a conifer with a tall bare trunk with the branches and needles at the top of the tree Heather is a shrub with a purple or white flower which can be beautiful when it is [...]

March 2021

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