August 2021

The Afghan Crisis: How You Can Help

We have been overwhelmed with offers of help and wanted to provide a bit more information about how you can make a difference directly to Afghan refugees arriving in Calderdale. We are currently in talks with the authorities regarding the situation and will keep our community updated as things fall into place.  We welcome your support in whatever shape it takes and are here to help. Whether you want to volunteer, fundraise, or help us raise awareness, please don't hesitate to message us so we can put you in touch with the right person. We encourage you to email rather than ring the offices as staff are currently very busy at the minute attending to centre members and the Afghan community. Here [...]

English for Life in the UK – Theatre in the UK – Northern Broadsides

Season 2, Episode 29 We interview the Artistic Director of a national touring theatre company about what they do and how they work. We also talk about theatre in the West End and elsewhere. Download Transcript Transcript Mark Hello, and welcome to the podcast English for Life in the UK. This podcast is for those people who want to improve their English by listening to native English speakers, talking in a natural way, about a range of subjects.   Today, I'm delighted to say I've got with me: Laurie, and Laurie is the Artistic Director of "Northern Broadsides" which is a national touring theatre company, based in Halifax, which, regular listeners will know, is where our charity at St Augustine's Centre is [...]

July 2021

English for Life in the UK – Regional Accents and Dialects in the UK

Season 2, Episode 28 We discuss and illustrate a number of the regional variations in how English is spoken in different parts of the U.K. including Yorkshire, Lancashire, Liverpool, Birmingham, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. We hear the story of Wilfred Pickles who was used in World War 2 to confuse the Nazis. Download Transcript Transcript Mark Hello, and welcome to the podcast English for Life in the UK. This podcast is for those people who want to improve their English by listening to native English speakers, talking in an everyday way, about a range of different subjects. Today I'm joined by John. Hi, John, how are you? John I'm good, Mark. Nice to see you again. Mark Likewise [...]

Healthy Holidays – Summer 2021

Healthy Holidays Club With St Augustine’s Centre and Together We Grow A free summer programme for children aged 5 – 16 from families who are seeking asylum or with refugee status. 10th August – 3rd September All dates are now fully booked except for the following: Thursday, September 2 10AM - 3:30PM Todmorden Adventures Take a guided walk along the ‘Green Route’ and meet the Mayor of Todmorden! Lunch at the Kindness Café Arts and Crafts, lego building Meet at St Augustine’s Centre - transport from Halifax provided.   Please contact Katrina at 07973 444875 to book your place. Our Programme Thursday, August 12 10AM - 3:30PM Todmorden Adventures Take a guided walk along the ‘Green Route’ Lunch at the Kindness Café Arts and Crafts, lego [...]

The Nationality and Borders Bill: The UK’s Commitment to Refugees is Under Threat

Following the proposals set out in the government’s New Plan for Immigration, published back in March alongside the consultation that we (and you as individuals contributed to), this week the 'Nationality and Borders Bill' (or more correctly named 'Anti-Refugee Bill by the sector) was introduced to Parliament. It was debated on Monday and Tuesday and passed its second reading with 366 MPs voting in favour and 265 voting against. But there are still many months of discussion ahead before it becomes law… There is no doubt that this is an intentionally provocative and dehumanising law that will see Britain turn its back on some of the most vulnerable people on Earth. It breaches international law, the Refugee Convention and undermines our compassionate [...]

Walk and Talk with St. Augustine’s

St Augustine's Centre is a charity that offers a warm welcome and safe space to people seeking support and sanctuary here in Calderdale; together we share food, stories and build relationships. We offer specialist advice on immigration and asylum support, and one to one support with welfare, housing, health and access to wider services. We provide hot meals, English classes, training, cultural, social and wellbeing activities, trips and volunteering opportunities. We build awareness about human rights, campaigning locally and nationally. We began in 1968 as a Church playgroup and in 2009 became an independent charity, continually evolving and welcoming all, regardless of faith, ethnicity or background. We have 15 staff, 150 volunteers and a community of 650 individuals and families from 57 [...]

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