May 2021


Come and see the fantastic work produced in our on- and off-line project that took place from Jan – March 2021, involving 9 artists from our community. Drop in any time, hot lunch served at 12:30pm.

Together With Refugees

10 May 2021 Today, we join Together With Refugees, a new coalition of more than 100 national, local, refugee-led and grassroots groups, who believe in showing compassion to people fleeing war, persecution or violence.  Together, we are calling for a better approach to supporting refugees that is kinder, fairer and more effective. This means standing up for people’s ability to seek safety in the UK no matter how they came here. It means ensuring people can live in dignity while they wait to hear if they will be granted protection. It means empowering refugees to rebuild their lives and make valuable contributions to their communities. And it means the UK working with other countries to do our bit to help people who are [...]

April 2021

St Augustine’s Centre Response to New Immigration Plan

What is the government's plan for immigration? How can you help protest this plan? What is the government's plan for immigration? In March 2021 the government published its ‘New Plan for Immigration’ alongside a consultation on new immigration rules. The consultation ends on May 6th at 11.45am. It has been a rapid process and the questions within the consultation itself are confusing. St Augustine’s stand against these plans. We believe they are a hodgepodge of cruel measures that are irrelevant to government’s own failing system and will inhibit people who are fleeing war and persecution, to rebuild a life in the UK. The plan itself is long and difficult to read. Read this BBC article with comments from refugee organisations. Look at [...]

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