Here at St. Augustine’s we work with many people who are in real need, and struggle daily with the impact of poverty and destitution. It is a frightening position to be in – particularly as a new arrival with no family or friends in the area to rely on.

As it turns to winter and it is starting to get colder the Hosting Scheme becomes ever more important. It provides safety, warmth and security for many who face a long and lonely winter.

We couldn’t be more thankful to the incredibly generous people who offer up a space in their home to support those who need it. Not only do they provide destitute and homeless Asylum Seekers and Refugees with a meal and a bed to sleep in, but they also help those individuals build ties to the community. We have many host families who have stayed in touch with the people they have hosted, and have built lasting friendships!

Thank you to CMBC for the support they have given to this scheme.