World Children’s Day

20th November is World Children's Day Unicef is calling for everyone to #GoBlue and join them in telling world leaders to commit to fulfilling the rights of every child across the world. Unicef wants everyone to commit to protecting a child's right to learn, to be safe from harm and the right to fulfil their potential. Millions of children across the world have these rights denied every day. #GoBlue today to show your support

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Today! Free HIV Testing

The Brunswick Centre will be at St. Augustine's 12pm to 1:30pm today offering free HIV tests These tests are free and confidential. If it is your first test you will also receive £5 (if it is a repeat test then you will just receive the test).

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Please vote for us!

Voting for the Aviva Community Fund closes very soon. If you haven't already, follow the link and register to vote. Show your support for a very important community resource!  

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Last chance to vote!

It's your last chance to vote for us in the Aviva Community Fund! Voting will close tomorrow so make sure you vote for us as soon as you can! Your vote will help support our ESOL classes at St. Augustine's Centre. Click here to find our project and register to vote. You get 10 votes, use them wisely!!

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Music Workshop – Monday 19th November

Our first music workshop on the 22nd of October was a huge success, with lots of people attending. It was a busy session including learning some basic music concepts, listening to music from different cultures, playing some music together and even dancing! If you would like to join in we will be having a second workshop, next week Monday 19th November  

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World Kindness Day 2018

Today is World Kindness Today! November 13th is for focussing on the good and celebrating kindness. It is for trying to make kindness the norm; it's not just big displays of kindness that we should concentrate on, but also small acts that make other people feel good (and you too!) What small act of kindness can you do today? Maybe you can make sure to smile at every person you pass on the street, you could take a cake to work this afternoon, or you could make a small donation to St. Augustine's Centre and support our current appeal to raise [...]

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