Happy International Peace Day! 21st September is #peaceday and this year we're celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It is the recognition of the fact that everybody has a right to peace! Everyone at St. Augustine's agrees with that sentiment - everyone has a right to live in peace - and we show that through the work and activities we do here. People from all different backgrounds and cultures volunteer together, come and eat lunch together, go on trips or learn English together! We strive for peace and acceptance on a daily basis.

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This #fundingfriday we want to say a huge thank you to Tesco on Aachen Way for choosing St. Augustine's as their charity of the month! Throughout September the sales from their book stand will be donated to the Centre. There is still just over a week left in September so go and have a look. You might find your new favourite read there! If you have any books that you would like to donate to the sale, than you can also take those to the Tesco on Aachen Way to be included on the stall.    

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Advice volunteers needed!

We still need advice volunteers on Monday's and Tuesday's   This role would be of an interest in helping refugees, migrants and others with a variety of issues, including asylum support, health, education, benefits and housing. This role would also be of interest to anyone wanting to gain experience in advice and advocacy roles. If you would like more information, or an application form, please email Nia: Nia.Jackson-Owens@staugustinescentrehalifax.org.uk

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This #fundingfriday, all of us here at St. Augustine's want to say a massive thank you to Emmy. Hearing about the financial struggles many families face at the beginning of term, Emmy organised a fundraiser. Uniforms are expensive, and a lot of families cannot afford to meet the costs. That means a lot of children end up being sent home from school for not being in uniform, or not going to school in the first place! Emmy managed to raise an incredible £469.11, which has already gone towards funding the uniform costs of two families. Thank you so so much to everyone that contributed. [...]

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Happy Positive Thinking Day!

Today is a day to concentrate on thinking positive and celebrate positivity in the face of adversity. We believe that St. Augustine's and the people who come here are the embodiment of positive thinking! Our Centre Users have been through (or face) incredibly difficult times - we see people come to the Centre who have had to leave their homes and families behind, or face homelessness and destitution. Despite this St. Augustine's feels like a positive place. Everyone is always smiling and saying hello. We sit down together at lunch to share meals and we all try to help each other as much [...]

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It's Friday and today we're celebrating our Welcome Café and Community Lunch! The Welcome Café is open to everyone in the community, and we welcome anyone who just wants to come for a hot drink and a bit of a chat! Monday through to Thursday we have an incredible team of volunteers who cook the Community Lunch, this is open to anyone who needs a hot meal. People from all different backgrounds can sit down together and enjoy food from around the world. It is a good opportunity to socialise, or to just sit by yourself and enjoy a delicious meal! So this [...]

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