Calderdale for Calais Refugee Action Winter Pack/Bag Appeal

A pack of essentials for each child and adult to help keep them a little warmer and dryer through the harsh winter ahead

It’s the run up to Christmas and whilst you are getting ready for the festive season think about the thousands of migrants and refugees travelling to Europe from Africa and the Middle East, hoping to find safety and shelter. Many people are forced to wait and even sleep out in the open in the cold wind, sleet and rain.

Items of good quality for your winter adult pack:

Hat, gloves, scarves, normal socks, new underwear.

Cereal bars, raisins, dates, dried fruit

Boots and trainers

Jeans, Jumpers, thermals (small men sizes)

Blankets, Sleeping Bags, Tents

Toiletries (inc toothbrush, toothpaste, Vaseline, nice smelly things for Xmas!)

Children’s packs: toiletries, dried food, pack of cards or dominos, socks, hats, pencils and paper

Please box or bag up items into age/size/gender.

This makes our job easier which means we can distribute quicker

For more information on the winter bag appeal please contact us via the page

The Clarke Family from Halifax will be collecting items, bags and storing at their home and taking their van to Calais mid December. Get in touch: or ring 01422 341578 on how you can help make a difference.  Money donations go directly to help the refugees—every penny goes a long way to help keep the children stay warm over the next few months

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