Thanks to all who made a submission – we have now chosen an artist and submissions are closed.






We work with 600 refugees, asylum seekers and migrants, a third of whom are in family groups. They come from approx. 40 countries and speak 52 different languages. Some have been granted leave to stay in the UK, but most are involved in lengthy, legal negotiations with the Home office for the right to be in this county. This process often goes on for years.

It can be tricky explaining the complex and varying needs our centre users face, which have been further compounded by Covid-19. 

We thought it would be useful – both as a tool and an awareness raising device – to try and capture these issues visually. We love the infographic and illustrative approach to conveying information clearly, and we wanted to combine that with an artist’s style, to make something eye-catching.

Artists brief 

To create a 2D artwork that can be easily understood by everyone because it isn’t language based. It could involve a few words and stats but should be mainly visual. It needs to convey the range of issues and needs affecting the 600 people who we work with at St Augustines – both ongoing and Covid-19 related. It could also somehow convey the skills, background and potential of our community, so it isn’t just a bad news piece.

A full list of needs, stats and ideas will be supplied upon appointment, but this gives a sense of what people are currently experiencing: no wifi, computers or TVs;the challenge of living on £5 a day; isolation and loneliness; few available activities or online educational support for families; health and language issues and lack of interpreters / access to GPs; food poverty; anxiety around CV-19 and lack of access to clear information; destitution – sofa surfing and homelessness with no recourse to public funds or healthcare;  vulnerable, at risk individuals living in multiple occupancy housing; changing immigration legislation Is confusing and worrying people already in negotiation with the home office. This is on top of ongoing issues including: trauma; being in a new country; missing loved ones; inability to utilise skills and potential.        

We’d want the appointed artist to help us understand the key messages we want to convey – we see this as part of the job. 

We are very open to materials used – illustration, collage, paint, print, etching, other. 

The finished work to be supplied in an original and digital format by end May at the latest. 

Dissemination of the work

The hope is that we will use the image as a compelling way to quickly share the issues our centre users face. We’ll do that in social media, in reports, in inductions for our staff and volunteers and talks we give. 

Fee: £250 to include all expenses.

Next step

If you are interested, please email by 12noon Friday 1st May with:

  • A short outline of your initial approach to the task. This can be short – we don’t want you to spend much time on it – so a couple of paragraphs and no more than a side of A4 max. 
  • A picture of a piece or two of your work that well represents your style.

If you have any questions, please get in contact on 07974 253089