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"The King’s Troupe arts and drama programme has been running for the past few months, and has provided a group of our Centre Users with a fantastic and rare opportunity to join together with a creative group who stand in solidarity with their struggles, make friends and build support networks outside of their communities, foster a strong group dynamic based on commonality and most importantly have an outlet for creative expression”.  Lora Evans, Support Programme Leader (Aug 2016)

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“St. Augustine’s are carrying out vital work with some of the most vulnerable people. I have heard some harrowing stories at their centre, but also seen, that with the right support, families and young people who have come from the most disadvantaged places, in the most difficult of circumstances, go on to have bright futures. It is essential that their work continues and I will support them wherever possible.”           Holly Lynch MP (Aug 2015)

St. Augustine's Centre, based on Hanson Lane in Halifax, is a community centre for anyone who needs help, advice or support. Based on the Christian faith which respects and values individuals, the Centre welcomes the vulnerable and cares for all, regardless of faith, ethnicity, background or any other factors.

For over 40 years we have offered a warm and welcoming environment for people to access support and advice from friendly workers and volunteers. We aim to help with basic needs and hope to build confidence to encourage participation within the community and to prevent isolation.

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